Web Design – Internet Marketing Features 3. Grow

Acquiring new customers is part of the job. But losing them will is as costly. Turn them into clients by knowing how your target, and use that knowledge to make offers that they will respond positively.

1. Web Analytics

Let’s say that you have a lot of visitors coming to your website, and you are converting them. What more can be done? Research shows that 80% of visitors visit only 20% of your pages. Using an analytics software allows to generate real time time reports on where your visitors come from, which pages they view the most and more.

– Know your lead/customer profile, demographics
– Know which product/services are most in demand – Pareto 80/20 rule

2. Campaign Analytics

Digital marketing is easily measurable – as opposed to offline mass marketing. With online marketing, you can know how many leads and prospects you are generating for your money.

– Know exactly how effective each campaign has been
– Compare to objectives

3. CRM

Once you have acquired a customer, your services/products are going to decide whether you can maintain a good customer relationship. Your website on the other hand can be a valuable support to maintain that relationship.

Customer Relationship Management software can not only increase customer satisfaction but also generate repeat purchases and help in cross selling with the help of newsletters and communication that can automatically be sent from your website.

According to a recent survey in USA, the top reason why customers leave is bad customer service.

– Lower cost of acquiring new customer
– Better retention and repeat purchases

4. Consolidate Online & Offline

Ecreations Age team has the marketing knowledge to work with your existing marketing department. Every project director has a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and many years of experience. Together with our web design knowledge, Ecreations Age forms a unique and powerful team in Internet Marketing.

– Handle your offline marketing, or
– Work hand in hand with your existing marketing team.

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