Web Design – Internet Marketing Features 2. Convert

Once people can find you online, you need to continue the flow – drive them further the funnel with call to actions and followups once you have their contacts. Then turn customers into clients by learning to know them better, retaining and reselling to them.

1. Online Advertising

Social media marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) have both an onsite part and a paid advertising part. Advertisement on Google/Yahoo/Bing can bring you a lot of traffic. The same goes for Facebook. Paid banner advertising on websites however has fallen in its effectiveness (another thing of the past).

– Paid ads to target market
– Measurable
– Search Engine Marketing
– Facebook Marketing…

2. Email Campaign

Although email marketing use is growing in Mauritius, in some developed countries, they have been found to be the lowest in effectiveness for mass campaigns. However, email marketing to your house list has shown the highest conversion rate of all emarketing forms.

The timing of emails, frequency, length of subject also have an effect on whether your target is going to open the emails. The email design also requires understanding or user experience and call to actions (CTA) to increase the chances that the target clicks on the ad.

– Timing and email subject to maximise chances of reading
– Positioning of elements within email to maximise clicks
– Measurable

3. Lead Management

Ecreations Age can also reply to people who contact you via your website and or internet marketing campaigns. This allows you to take some work off your staff so that you can better focus on your core business activities.

– Contact leads on your behalf to reduce reply times
– Channel prospects to required staff/department
– Add to CRM

4. Cross-Selling/Upselling Campaigns

Newsletters, social media advertising, emails, social events and contests can be used to turn sell more to existing customers. Remember that it may be easier to sell to an existing customer (and cheaper to acquire) than to look for a new customer – depending on your business.

– Retain your existing customers
– Special offers to sell more

5. Newsletter Management

Newsletters and blog help maintain a long term relationship with your leads and customers. They increase the changes of conversion when you advertise using email marketing and social media.

– Increased chances of conversion
– Helps retention

6. Landing Pages and Call to Actions

For almost every campaign that you make, there needs to be a landing page – which is the page that collects contact information about the visitor. We have seen so many good email adverts not making use of landing pages. Not using landing pages may disrupt the flow perceived by the customer.

Call to actions encourage visitors to contact you – they work towards bringing the target to your landing page. The risk of not using call to actions and landing pages is clear – a high percentage of visitors may never contact you!

– Design dedicated contact forms to maximise conversion from
advertising campaigns.
– Call to Actions on your website, email, newsletter and blog

7. Website Speed Optimisation – Content Delivery Network and Caching

Many marketers will agree that a fast loading site retains visitors best. If your site is taking many seconds to load, chances are that visitors will not bother to wait.

We can make use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which replicates your site contents on several locations around the world, to reduce the speed at which images and other files are served. This is know to greatly improve speed and used along with caching to reduce the dependency on database – and serve files even faster.

These features are the middle of the funnel, click here to learn the next set of internet marketing features

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