Web Design – Internet Marketing Features 1. Get Online

These features are required to get found on the web – to bring traffic. Starting with assessing your brand strategy to build a website that will be the centre of all digital marketing activity. Once you have the visitors, you will then need to convert them.

1. Brand Strategy

Your existing brand may or may not be right for the web. It’s a fact, and it’s a choice. Some companies prefer to create a new brand for the web presence, while others feel their offline brand is ready to go online

– Assess existing, whether suitable for web
– Plan your online identity

2. Website Review

There are many technical aspects to make a website effective for conversion. We conduct a systematic analysis and review of internal and external factors to show you the possible improvements and lackings of your website

– Usability analysis
– SEO and Internet Marketing Readiness Analysis
– Optimise based on 7C’s of web design
– No website? We do web design

3. Web Design

Our team works hand in hand with you to make an effective, user friendly, easy to manage and powerful website that can grow as well as your company does.

– Professional designers with premium designs
– 7C’s of Web Design
– Customised to your strategy
– Delivery within 10 days (conditions apply)

4. Social Media

Social media has become increasingly important because of its high penetration in most countries. Here in Mauritius, Facebook is the most visited website after Google (according to Alexa) and 1 out of 4 Mauritians have a Facebook account.

– 300,000+ Mauritians on Facebook
– Pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
– Company Blog’s growing importance

5. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) has been here since a long time. It is a dynamic field as much of a science and an art to some people. It requires both technical and communication skills. Many web design companies think that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the only method of online marketing – but the better internet marketing companies agree that Social Media Marketing is as important now.

– Market research
– Search Engine Optimisation
– Pay per click ads

Want to learn more about SEM, click here to read our blog article on this.

6. Content Management

Static websites is a thing of the past. There were days where cheap websites could not be modified by the customer. It is a serious setback especially where your company is running a limited promotion. We use the most popular content management system to enable you to update your website anytime easily. The WordPress platform that we use powers sites like Pepsi, Blackberry, New York Times and National Geographic.

– You need to be able to quickly change your website
– Assist you in doing

7. Support

We work with you to plan your content and online marketing campaign and we tell you why specific text/images are required for the best marketing effectiveness. After delivery, we can support you by email and phone to help you to update your website.

The above features are only to bring customers to you, once they are on your website, you need to convert them. Click here to learn more.

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