SEO Mauritius – Proven and Objective SEO that works!

SEO Mauritius services by Ecreations delivers proven results within months. We are a Mauritius SEO company that delivers the complete web marketing not just SEO! That means PPC, Social Media, blogging and more importantly a properly made website! We made it to No 1 for ‘website design mauritius’ – despite all our competitors!

SEO is the about placing as high in search engine results (SERP) with a long term impact. SEO has shows high ROI for Mauritius companies. For what is SEO and SEM, click here.

Over the years, Google and Bing have perfected their SEO algorithms to make it as relevant as possible. The objectives are still the same – users should find the most relevant results. While initially, there was a high reliance on meta keywords, these have been so much abused by marketers, that Google has had to find other ways to determine relevant content. Nowadays the following things are required for SEO Mauritius. The degree of importance of each of these varies, the more you have of them, the better ranked you will be:

  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Name
  • URL/Permalink Structure
  • Authority – PageRank
  • Inbound and outbound Links
  • Internal link structure
  • Size and number of pages
  • Meta information and heading tags

We have blogged quite a few times to educate our visitors on the importance of other forms of internet marketing, namely PPC (pay per click). This is also part of Search Engine Marketing and the growing impact of social media – which for some companies have shown better results than SEO. For Mauritius, we also recommend Facebook marketing and blogging.

Learn the basics of how to SEO for Mauritius here, from our Blog

Why choose Ecreations for your SEO Mauritius?

Well, firstly, we know how to apply SEO objectively for your Mauritius company. We start by making a systematic review using our two tools and give your website a SEO Score. This score is calculated by computing over 50 factors of your onsite and offsite SEO factors. We then charge a fee to setup the onsite SEO features of your websites (preferably a WordPress powered website like we love it).

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