SEO Domain Name Experiment:

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SEO Domain Name experiment started while browsing Google Keyword tool to research keywords for one of my customers, I said, let’s check if the domain “web design mauritius” is available. Recently I had seen that new websites were starting to make page 2 of SERP – apparently a lot had to do with having their main keywords in their domain name. So I said, is available – let’s book it! And start promoting it.

Not only that, I took a lot of the related keywords suggested by Google Keyword tool and created pages under that new website. Of course, we still have to fill in the content (it should be 250 words at least on each page for SEO), use our preferred SEO tool to ensure that the titles, headings and meta information are relevant.

Then we will do some basic link building and social media integration and test the SEO Domain Name experiment, if it can make page 1 of Google/Yahoo SERP within a single month – and how long it can stay there!

One interesting outcome of the research is that high number of search relating to people who want to learn about website design, graphics design, web hosting. I said, why not share this knowledge? It’s something that I have been following for years now, and still do. So it won’t be hard to write articles with minimal research.

So how much did we invest into this experiment? A few hours – to be frank, we put it live overnight, in less than 4 hours from conception to acquiring the domain and creating pages, with some basic onsite SEO and some 50 incoming links from PR4-6 external web pages.

Do you think it will work? Is it a waste of time?