Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for Non-Technical People – Part 1

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) comprises of two components: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-per-Click (PPC). Most internet marketing firms seems to focus a lot on SEO since, it can cost much lower than PPC ads. Before we talk in detail about Search Engine Optimisation, let us first learn why they are important for Mauritius and globally. Another article on PPC will follow soon.

Why Search Engine Marketing

The first reason is that a major part of visitor to websites come from search engines. Globally, the top is Google (Alexa rank 1) but each country has its specificies e.g. Baidu contributes much more if your audience is in China. That said, search engines remain the number 1 source of visitors, followed by Social media. We will talk later of the other forms of internet marketing.

SEO vs PPC Long Term Impact

It seems that PPC shows quick results, but don’t work well in the long term. SEO on the other hand, takes time to start showing results, but they are the most lasting – which is why many internet marketing companies promote Search Engine Optimisation as their main service.

What does SEO involve?

Over the years, Google and Bing have perfected their search algorithms to make it as relevant as possible. The objectives are still the same – users should find the most relevant results. While initially, there was a high reliance on meta keywords, these have been so much abused by marketers, that Google has had to find other ways to determine relevant content. Nowadays the following things are required for SEO. The degree of importance of each of these varies, the more you have of them, the better ranked you will be:

  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Name
  • URL/Permalink Structure
  • Authority – PageRank
  • Inbound and outbound Links
  • Internal link structure
  • Size and number of pages
  • Meta information and heading tags

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