Partners & Affiliates

As an affiliate, you earn cash for every customer referred to us. You can earn from 10%+ on the amount quoted to the customer, depending on the amount.The maximum referral is MUR 10,000 or US$ 350. There is no fee to join the Referrral program.

Partner Program: Add your own margin

If you are a small company, with a few solid clients to whom you want to give web design services, this program is what you are looking for.

With our Partner Program, we give you preferential rates on corporat web design, on top of which, you can add your own margin and pricing method.

The yearly fee to join to program is MUR 10,000 ($350) for Mauritian partners, or $1000 for foreign partners.

You may also choose a third method, whereby you resell our services – using our same pricelist, but take 15% commission for the work if you liaise with the customer, take requirements, feedback and oversee the project. We would provide full support to you to develop the website as well information about internet marketing features that we offer.

Whichever the method you choose, let us know about your company or thoughts. We are always looking for new partners who can grow our business. Note however that we would like to specialise in WordPress – which is in no way restricting the scope of our web design services. WordPress is mature platform that already powers millions of websites, from newspapers and corporate websites to online shops and CRM.

Contact us for registering yourself to the Partner Program