JETK Web Design Malaysia

With the high demand for Website design in Malaysia, JETK Innovative Tech has partnered with Ecreations to offer innovative, cutting edge mobile-friendly websites in Kuala Lumpur.

JETK Innovative Tech also provides IT consultancy services in Malaysia for system architecture and code development. Thanks to our broad network of partners and seasoned IT experts, we are able to provide your Malaysian business with reliable solutions to complex business needs while keeping tabs on cost, scalability, user acceptance and efficiency.

Website design Malaysia by JETK and Ecreations are

  • Reponsive website design (mobile friendly)
  • Content management systems (customers can manage their website content)
  • HTML5 compliant
  • Extensible to e-commerce website and ERP Integration
  • Full featured with galleries, blog, SEO

Some of the website design portfolio of Ecreations and JETK in Malaysia and around the world are shown below:

  1. Portfolio image

    Website Design for ICOPAG Packaging

    Website design for Icopag Packaging was made possible with close collaboration with the client. With video enabled slideshow, responsive design and automatic language selection, comes to life as an...
  2. Portfolio image

    Website Design for EAX: ERP Mauritius

    EAX website is designed to look professional, given that they target medium and large corporates in Mauritius and abroad. EAX wanted a website that would also give a modern image,...
  3. Portfolio image

    ABAIM Mauritius – Website Design

    Website design for ABAIM, the musical non-profit group of Mauritius, celebrating 30 years. It has been an enriching experience to work on a Kreol + English + Français multiple language...
  4. Portfolio image

    Neetoo Industries Website Design

    Neetoo Industries is the leading Mauritian manufacturer and supplier of Office Furniture, openings, Garage door, Stainless Steel tubes, Inox handrails, Security grilles, metal structures, roller shutters and more. The website...
  5. Portfolio image

    Website Design for YK Business School

    Web design for YK Business School involved the design and development of their website with a friendly feel together with username/password protected zone for students and application forms. YKBS offers...

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