JETK Web Design Malaysia

With the high demand for Website design in Malaysia, JETK Innovative Tech has partnered with Ecreations to offer innovative, cutting edge mobile-friendly websites in Kuala Lumpur.

JETK Innovative Tech also provides IT consultancy services in Malaysia for system architecture and code development. Thanks to our broad network of partners and seasoned IT experts, we are able to provide your Malaysian business with reliable solutions to complex business needs while keeping tabs on cost, scalability, user acceptance and efficiency.

Website design Malaysia by JETK and Ecreations are

  • Reponsive website design (mobile friendly)
  • Content management systems (customers can manage their website content)
  • HTML5 compliant
  • Extensible to e-commerce website and ERP Integration
  • Full featured with galleries, blog, SEO

Some of the website design portfolio of Ecreations and JETK in Malaysia and around the world are shown below:

  1. Portfolio image

    Web Design & Brochure for MFR Maurice

    Website design for Fédération des Maisons Familiales Rurales de Maurice et Rodrigues includes brochure and poster design as well. The NGO trains youngsters from 16+, providing an alternate to academic...
  2. Portfolio image

    Resodev e-Commerce Reunion/Maurice

    Resodev e-commerce website targets Reunion and Mauritius mainly. Resodev is one of the first that allows customers to buy their loyalty cards online to benefit significant discounts on various activities...
  3. Portfolio image

    e-Commerce Web Design for Dream Excursions Mauritius

    Dream Excursions is an innovative e-commerce website that sells thrilling adventures in Mauritius to foreign markets. There are over 100 products with. Some of the e-commerce features delivered are one-click...
  4. Portfolio image

    Web Design for Joonas & Co Mauritius

    Joonas & Co is a key supplier in the buliding sector, as one of the largest suppliers of steel. The project includes designing a new corporate magazine and website design...
  5. Portfolio image e-Commerce Website Design

    e-Commerce website design for is powered by WooCommerce, one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms. With features such as responsive design, search filters, sales items and single page checkout,...

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