Increase Click-Through-Rate of Your Facebook Ad

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It’s a fact that the click-through-rate (CTR) of Facebook Ads can vary a lot. As a customer, you might be tempted to simply get started with the easy to use Facebook Ad creation. But like all adverts, this requires a proper process.

At Ecreations we take it seriously. The first step we always tell customers is that they need to have a Website with a Landing Page for each advert that they are running. This makes it possible to convert these clicks into leads. It also allows tracking the click rate, conversion rate and get enough info to contact these people back.

1. Happy People
Facebook is a social activity. It is logical that happiness attracts clicks

2. Colour
Use colours so that the advert stands out

3. Logo
Whether you will use a logo is debatable. It can work if for known brands and if you are targeting other companies.

4. Value Proposition
Be creative and use simple, short words: you have limited characters on these adverts

For these two, only use where relevant:
5. Children and Pets
6. Funny or Odd

Here are some best practises to design Facebook Ads that work.

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