10 Ways How to Choose the Best Web Design Agency

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Choosing the right company or web designer for your website can be tricky with all the companies on the market. Based on my experience and research, I have compiled 10 ways plus one on how to choose a reliable web design company. Websites are both a marketing task and a technical one.

I have compiled some simple tips to avoid getting ripped off:

1. Giving importance to both Social Media + SEO
Many companies want to have their websites because it is the trend, and may not fully understand the power of digital marketing. Good web agencies will tell you that it is the first step, which will be followed by all of these: social media marketing, blog and email marketing to your leads. Search Engine Optimisation itself is part of Search Engine Marketing, which also includes Pay Per Click. I have a mini presentation on that a few months ago on Slideshare.net.

2. Case Studies
Case studies are brief (or detailed) description of the work done for some selected customers. They usually include the scope of work, how the work was carried out, as a mean to show the skills of the company. Look for it under Our Work, Portfolio or Clients too.

3. Not focusing solely on SEO for online marketing
I see a lot of companies offering both web design and search engine optimisation services. Some times, when I ask them about social media marketing, it’s a no-no “we don’t do that”.

The point here is that both of these are important. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter can actually bring a significant percentage of oncoming traffic

4. Fast response to your query
Even if the company is busy with projects, they should reply quickly, ideally on the same day! It is a sign that they value communication, which is vital if you are going to work with them.

5. Ability to justify their prices
The pricing can either be set as a package or based on your requirements. In both cases, the company should be able to justify each additional cost that they include.

Some companies have started to put a price calculator on their website. Whether this is a good idea, depends on company’s selling strategy. It does not change the fact that the prices should be

6. Ability to change the website yourself
Static websites are a thing of the past. If a web design company is offering you to have a static website for peanuts, beware of it. The reason is simple: let’s say you have a promotion to run and have to post it on your website. How long does it take to contact the company and tell them to urgently add this text/photo to your site? And then you may have to wait for them to make the update… It’s not going to work if the updates are done after a week!

7. Landing Pages and Contact Forms
Skilled web design companies will know that when you run an advertising campaign (online or offline), it’s best to create a dedicate page for that campaign on your website. Any traffic that comes should be directed to that page which should also contain a simple contact form. Leads should see a consistent flow from getting interested, clicking the ad and leaving their details. Then you not only have an email list but can also make a tailor-made offer to that customer (e.g. if it’s a business, you can do some background work).

8. Call to Action’s
These are usually buttons like “Sign up now” or “Get your free quote” and form an important part of all sale-oriented website. Call to actions are eye catching and encourage visitors to click. Once they click, give them a friendly contact form so that you can get back to them…

9. Analytics and reporting
Ask the company if they can give reports, their frequency and which software they use e.g. Google Analytics, Alexa… You can also check that by viewing the source of their website, and finding “google-analytics” for Google Analytics. If they use that, it’s already a good sign.

10. Google the company name
It’s always good to search the company name on Google. Basically, it’s about its online reputation. Companies with bad customer service can leave unhappy customers who may report them on discussion forums or as blog comments. Add keywords such as service and fraud to your search and see the results.

11. Are they social?
Does the company have a Facebook page, Linked In company and Twitter for themselves? Have a look at the Linked In profiles of their CEO or project manager and if possible, any testimonials on their profiles.

How far do you agree with about these 10 tips? Feel free to post your comment below. Keep coming back for more similar articles.

Ashvin is one of the key people at Ecreations Age. With 8 years of experience in web design and development. Ashvin has also studied emarketing as part of his MBA. View Ashvin’s full profile on Linked In or contact him directly on ashvin@ecreations.mu