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When you have an online presence, you need to have your Online Reputation Management in place so that you have a plan to deal with negative feedback. Monitor your website, blog and any other online business so that your reputation is not slaughtered by the negative comments. Given below are a few tools used by every SEO services firm that will help you monitor your online reputation.

  1. The following tools can be used to monitor Blogs:
  1. BackType – You can index conversations from social networks, blogs and social media using this tool. It will also send you updates via email when a comment mentions a search term.
  2. Google Blog Search – You can search for blogs with this search engine by Google.
  3. Technorati – It is one of the premier search engines that indexes numerous blog posts. It not only indexes blog posts but also tracks authority, popularity and the influence of the blog.
  1. The following Tools can be used to monitor Twitter:
  1. Monittor – This tool can monitor a group of 3 Keywords on twitter.
  2. TweetBeep – Use TweetBeep to get hourly updates of all tweets that mention your name and business via email.
  3. Tweet Later – This tool provides many features that monitors Twitter, emails a compilation of tweets containing your keywords and your @replies.
  4. Twitter Search – It is a real time monitor for Twitter that searches the social networking site for your keywords and links.
  1. Use the tools given below for Link Monitoring:
  1. BackTweets – BackType provides this service that searches for specific links on Twitter.
  2. WhoLinksToMe – This tools tracks backlinks, their origin, and sorts them by target URL and anchor text.
  1. There are other tools for general use as given below:
  1. Google Alerts – This tool emails you search results of your keyword that are mentioned in blogs, groups, news, web and videos.
  2. MonitorThis – You can search for feeds upto 26 search engines.
  3. Naymz – This tool, which provides a free basic version, focuses on identity verification, social brand and reputation.
  4. Purewire Trust – This is an online portals that you can use to verify your reputation and that of the people with you interact online by URL, email address or web application.
  5. Yasni – Use Yasni to find people via their information that is available publicly. You can find them using images, videos or their profiles of social networking sites.

Before you use these tools, check which of these are best for your needs. You can use one of them individually or a mixture of them. All the above mentioned tools are free tools but there are more if you wish to opt for paid services.

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