Feel free to ask questions to us: this FAQ is to help answer common questions that you may have before choosing Ecreations Age for your web design and internet marketing.

Do you design all your websites yourself?

We used to design our websites ourselves, but now we prefer to use the talent of designers all over the world. We carefully shortlist designs according to your needs, customise the design to your needs and then deliver.

I know someone who needs a website, will I earn money for referrals?

Yes, we have a referral program where you can earn 10%  (up to Rs 10,000 / $350) per corporate website. We also have a partner program, where you can liaise with the customer yourself, adding your own margin!

Why is your pricelist not online, if you say your prices are transparent?

We will put Product prices, while services pricelist will be shared only with clients. We are currently marketing ourselves based on our other USP’s: customer relationship, WordPress, our knowledge of internet marketing. Once we think, the time is right to display our prices, we’ll put them online. If you want a website, just fill in the form below – we assure you that all customers get the same latest pricelist.

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