Emarketing Mauritius: More than just email

EMarketing is more than just email. Too many companies in Mauritius have created the perception that emarketing is about email. EMarketing is a broader approach which can give measurable fast results using Social Media, Website, Search Engine and Email Marketing


The first step is to get a Web Presence

Running your emarketing campaign will not yield high results unless you have an online presence. Online presence means you need to have a website built for your Mauritian company, plus a Facebook Page only if relevant. People need to be told where to go to. They also form their first impression of your company by going to your website.

Market Research and Design

The next step is to research your customer, your market: be it Mauritius, Indian Ocean, Africa or other regions. Our emarketing solutions for Mauritius are targeted by country, gender, age and more…

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Why e-Marketing

> Wide reach: 600,000 Mauritians on Facebook
> Targeted by interest, age, gender, geography
> Measurable and accountable
> Two-way communication
> Cost-effective
> Non-intrusive means high response rate

Components of e-Marketing

> Website (most important),
> Search Engines (very important),
> Social Media (increasingly important),
> Mass email (falling interest)
> Offline marketing (still important)
…and of course, branding

The slides below try to show the minimum you need to know about online marketing

What our Internet Marketing services include:

Feature set 1. Get Online

These features are required to get found on the web. Starting with assessing your brand strategy to build a website that will be the centre of all digital marketing activity. Once you have the visitors you will need to convert them.

These include your website, search engine optimisaton (SEO Mauritius), social media presence content management and more. Click here for the full list…

Feature set 2. Convert

Once people can find you online, you need to continue the flow – drive them further the funnel with call to actions and followups once you have their contacts.

These include search engine marketing, newsletters, call to actions, email marketing and more. Click here for the full list…

Feature set 3. Grow

Acquiring new customers is part of the job. But losing them will is as costly. Turn them into clients by knowing how your target, and use that knowledge to make offers that they will respond positively. Click here for the full list…

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