Digital Marketing for Mauritius & Indian Ocean

Get the most of today’s digital marketing. Our e-marketing service will grow your Mauritius business, exceeding your expectations from what can be achieved with internet marketing. Ecreations offers the most complete digital marketing service from Mauritius.


We give you the most complete e-marketing service

It used to be enough that you have a website, SEO and traffic would pour on. Now, there’s more, you have to push content to your prospects and clients: via blogs, social networks and more.

Why e-Marketing for Mauritius

  • Proven experience with Digital Marketing in Mauritius and Indian Ocean
  • Wide reach: 600,000 Mauritians online
  • Targeted by interest, age, gender, geography
  • Measurable and accountable
  • Two-way communication
  • Cost-effective
  • Non-intrusive means high response rate: tried and tested, we know it works!
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