DigiCert SSL Mauritius – EV, Multidomain SSL for Mauritius

seal.digicert.comDigiCert is the third largest Certification Authority in the world, having participated into the development of EV SSL. Digicert is the most affordable of the big 3 SSL security companies. DigiCert SSL Mauritius allows you save a lot on competing security products – enabling you to take advantage of Extended Validation at a lower price that you would pay for normal SSL from competing vendors.

EV SSL gives the green bar of assurance that shows greater trust to your customer than ordinary SSL certificates. DigiCert is represented in Mauritius by Ecreations and is the right SSL to secure and bring trust to Mauritius businesses. DigiCert customers include FBI, NASA and locally: Mauritius Network Services.

DigiCert SSL provides the following for Mauritius:

  • Managed PKI – easily manage all your certificates, renewals – ideal for multiple SSL certificates
  • SSL Certificates Plus – as from $156/year
  • Extended Validation SSL Certificates (EV SSL Mauritius) – as from $234/year
  • Multidoman EV SSL – use a single SSL certificate to bring higher trust (EV) for multiple domain names!
  • Unified Communications – for Exchange 2010

When you get connected to your internet, you mostly spend your time surfing various websites. Unfortunately, you are not relieved because some websites could be destructive for your computer. You do not know which website to open and what to avoid as this could only be figured out once the website is opened. However, if this was the case, the world of computer and networking would not be as large as it is now. Experts have come up with various software to protect the system from risks occurring due to internet browsing.

The DigiCert SSL Certificates would be very helpful for those Mauritius businesses owning legal and massive websites/applications for a small-scale or large-scale purpose. Imagine how it would be if your clients are scared of visiting your website for fear that it might be scam or harmful. In online businesses, it is very important to have a verified and secured website so that the consumers and clients are satisfied to take a survey on the site. Unprotected and unverified websites are usually referred as fake or scam by users so they avoid visiting them or provide any personal or general information to it.

The DigiCert SSL Certificates are of various kinds and entrepreneurs usually buy them according to their features. It is divided into four major parts. Firstly, the Wildcard SSL is useful for entrepreneurs who run several sub-domains and wish to verify them all for security assurance. For example, abc.exmaple.com and def.example.com are different sub-domains so both would be verified by DigiCert SSL Certificate. Secondly, the Unified Communications certificates (UC or UCC) are also very much useful as you can run all services on one IP address rather than changing it on every server with full validation security to all.

Next is the SSL Certificate Plus which is widely used to provide validation security to single server name. This is purchased by people operating a single small website or maybe a large website but wish to protect the homepage only. Both www.example.com and example.com would be protected by the SSL Plus. Finally, the new feature of Extended Validation SSL Certificate provides further validation to several domains. The domain gets highlighted with green assuring that the website is secured by DigiCert EV SSL and safe to visit. However, the prices of all types vary according to their features. There are also some discounts on mass purchasing. Do not hesitate to purchase this reliable and advanced DigiCert SSL Certificate for Mauritius.

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