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CRM Mauritius services based on vTigerCRM automate your marketing process for a faster conversion while boosting your customer service. From lead conversion to coordinating with the contacts, increase the sales opportunities, run effective marketing campaigns, handling after sales customer service and project management. Contact us now to learn how cost effective your CRM should be in Mauritius.

CRM Mauritius services’ important features are:

Reporting: Monitor business performance across your whole business with reporting tools for Marketing Analytics, Sales Trends, Case Reports, and Customer Profiles.

Marketing automation: Coordinate activities between marketing and sales teams. Create, execute and track campaigns, manage and assign leads, track the ROI of your campaigns and more

Sales Force automation: Higher performance from your sales team by allowing them to track and share contacts/opportunities, manage and upsell existing clients, forecast revenue, monitor performance, manage quotes and contracts.

Customer support: Resolve customer issues quickly and effectively. vTiger CRM allows your team to manage inbound emails, diagnose bugs, and share knowledge to reduce redundant work.

Collaboration: Essential to marketing, sales, and support activities, vTiger CRM email integration allows users to send emails within SugarCRM by integrating with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and more.

Platform: Define your own business processes with teams, control access rights to modules and fields, change the homepage layout or modify existing screens with the layout editor. New screens and dashboard items can be created from third-party data sources.

Project Management. Customised when needed, with Gantt chart if you need

Document Management.

Automatic Cloud Backup.

Invoicing. Quotes and invoices can easily be generated in a single system – an integrated with your accounting package is possible.

Contact us now for more information on how vTiger CRM can help enforce business rules, drive sales to new and existing customers. We currently focus on vTiger CRM for Mauritius companies.

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