About Ecreations

Puzzles Ltd is the company behind ecreations.mu. We have skilled and motivated people to build great corporate websites. We value customer relationship, quality and quick delivery with transparent pricing.


Based in Mauritius. Our founder have over 14 years experience in the web design, computer degrees as well as being MBA graduates. Some people in our team have been designing websites since as far as 1998. Bound together by friendship, we are strive to deliver the best experience to our clients. Being small allows us to operate with lower overheads than competitors, and giving direct customer support.

Mauritius also means that we are good at English, Français, Hindi and Urdu while living with different cultures from around the world. Mauritius ranks 15th worldwide in Heritage’s 2016 Index of Economic Freedom.


Customer relationship: we work directly with you to make sure that your website/application fulfills your business objectives.

Quality matters: We strive to provide world-class quality, be it in the delivery of well-made websites that deliver results, or internet marketing process that gives measurable results.

Share the knowledge: We believe in sharing our knowledge of internet marketing and the web to make a better world, more efficient marketers and happier customers.

Our people are important to us: We believe in not overloading our staff. If we are busy, we will tell you truthfully when we will be available. Our project managers minimal number of projects in order to maintain quick response and high quality.

Why Choose Us

Digital marketing expertise at affordable subscription.

We give you control of our website.

Result-oriented: We deliver work that meets business objectives. We make Digital Marketing measurable.

We build relationship with our customers for a long term win-win strategy.

Quick turnaround for corporate websites – the first design proposal in 48h. If the customer already has the content ready, the whole site may be completed within 24 hours (conditions apply).