2 Tips to Easily Manage Your Google+ Communities

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The recent algorithm changes by Google have made it necessary that webmasters start taking online Google+ communities seriously. On one hand, Google+ has been trying to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter when it comes to users and on the other, it has released a statement that its new search engine algorithm will take into account the social aspect of every page and poster with emphasis on Google+.

>In case you have been one of those webmasters/bloggers who have been ignoring this Google+ community page for his blog or website, the time is here to buckle up and start adopting to this new social media website, whether you like it or not. Here are the 2 simple tips to make the affair easier for you:

1. Check And Respond To Notifications

Notifications are the way the social network interacts with you on any social networking website and Google+ is no different. Have you ever noticed the red square button on the top right hand corner of your Google page? Yes, the number that is being shown inside the box is the number of notifications you have. Click on it to see the list of all the notifications. Most people tend to ignore the notifications and carry on with their regular social networking and this is a grave mistake.

Remember that you are on a social networking site where every ‘thank you’, request for a post or conversation will have an end effect on the popularity and reach of your Google+ community. Don’t ignore the need to go through each and every notification in detail and work on them accordingly.

2. Expect What You Give, Give What You Expect

Communities on social networking websites are all about spreading the word and reaching the right kind of people that you want to cater to. But, is it possible to do this all alone without any help? This is why many social SEO experts have been recommending that you use the policy of ‘I will promote you, you will promote me’ while on social networking sites.

The next time you are posting about an event; don’t forget to mention the name of another relevant company. Rest assured, they will take notice of the fact and respond to you with the same favor when they are posting about something.

Don’t ignore the aspects of Google+ like ‘Hangouts’ and ‘Ripples’ to further enrich the community management on Google+.

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